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FOX News
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm PDT
medicaid, they have to raise taxes, raise income tax or cut spending for roads, schools and things like that. there are a lot of people who still need insurance so let's expand it to help people get on. but real costs come with it. it's taxpayers. 26 states signed up for this. federal money is paying for them. you're still paying. >> if you think you're, you're not. you're a federal taxpayers. if they have a swelling of the medicaid rolls and don't pay from the exchanges guess who pays. here's a hint. ready? we have been digging into the rule causing millions of americans to lose health insurance. democratic senator mary landrieu is leading an effort to make sure the president's promise will be kept that people can keep their health care insurance if they like it. wait until we show you what she said about this specific issue just a couple of years ago. plus, he was a successful businessman with hundreds of employees but now not a one. he'll join us live with his warning for working americans in the wake of obama care. >>> breaking details tonight on a deadly shooting at one of the nati
FOX News
Oct 28, 2013 9:00pm PDT
tax, a burden on middle class families. let me tell you. we know because the guy i'm running against tried this in massachusetts and it's working just fine. >> that was president obama in 2012 promoting the fact that he modeled obama care after massachusetts health care plan. now massachusetts and vermont are talking about getting rid of the national health care system by creating their own single payer systems. at least it's being discussed. joining us now radio talk show host and columnist at the boston herald michael graham with an insider perspective. we have heard it in the massachusetts legislature as now senator jamie eldridge, a democrat, testified that he believes they should implement a universal medicare plan in massachusetts. that's single payer. that's what many people believe obama care would lead to on the federal level. what say you? >> well, it's funny. he's a great guy. he voted for romney care, supports obama care. then you do the math and he says all i wanted was single payer in the first place. that's what obama care supporters default to. they are watching the s
FOX News
Oct 31, 2013 9:00pm PDT
to the economy? we were who the social securitys is tax increase came. can you imagine what it will do to america's economy when tens of millions of families are losing additional two, three, four hundred dollars per month and getting less for it? this should make americans very, very mad and especially because we got a president who lied to us. we've previously impeached presidents for lying to us. i think this president deserves it as well. >> lesley? >> i think perjury is different, lars. it's terrible that woman's husband died from such a terrible disease and it's terrible somebody is being bullied by their insurance company. i've seen from my family our deductible increased from $550 to $750. insurance companies have done this. they will do this. and it's the insurance companies that are causing people to lose that grandfather status by increasing co-pay, by changing and increasing deductibles. >> let me stop you there. that's not true. the reason they lose the grandfather status the hhs wrote regulars that basically say you lose grandfather status if you change the first perio
FOX News
Oct 30, 2013 9:00pm PDT
any piece of legislation. it's not like immigration. not like a tax hike. obama care is the core of the new expansion of the liberal idea. this is sort of the continuation of the new deal. the continuation of a great society. in a sense the way liberals portrayed it, it is the completion of the entitlement state. the one element that separated us from the rest of the advanced industrial countries saying we were the only one with people who were not covered. now we're going to enter into the realm of those who insure and protect everybody. if this collapses, this huge expansion of the entitlement state, this essential nationalization of one sixth of the u.s. economy, i think that discredits the entire enterprise of the expansion of government which is at the heart of obamaism. that's why liberals are running zar escared. not just one election. it's the ideology that the government knows best, the government will take care of you. put your trust in the government or as obama said you didn't build it, the government did. it can't even construct a website. >> when you hear what the pres
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)